What are dreams and how will this site help you?

Dreams are the gateway to your subconscious and hence they have the power to guide and harmonize your life. Understanding the language of your dreams and tapping into their meaning is critical to achieving access to this power. This site is designed to help you understand the language of your dreams and to interpret their meaning.

Irrespective of the kind of dream you have – a common dream, a nightmare, or a daydream – each dream speaks through symbols. Using the correct approach to interpreting these symbols is the key to unlocking the message that the subconscious is sending you. This site will interpret the symbols in such a manner that your dream analysis is logical and coherent.

Moreover, each of us is a psychic, in a sense, and dreams are often prophetic in nature. The information your subconscious provides may be about your love life, financial life, marriage, personal relationships, disease or health, death, or spiritual life. We will help you unlock the secret messages in your dreams through our dream readings.

How is this site different from others?

Generally, this site deals with dreams from the spiritual perspective and discusses the steps that are necessary for you to take to benefit in both the spiritual and material worlds. The dream interpretations you receive will be completely different from other dream interpretations, as they are read through a spontaneous flow of
consciousness. If you provide detailed and correct information about your dreams, you can be assured that the interpreter will successfully bring understanding to the messages in your dream.

What you need to do use this site?

Through dream analysis you can have forewarning of possible health problems, financial gains or losses, stock market fluctuations, and many more aspects of life. All you need to do is to remember the dream when you wake up, and record it immediately. Be sure to include any and all small details, even though they may not seem significant to you. These details are in your dream for a reason, and could prove very important in the accurate interpretation of the dream as a whole.

What are nightmares and how to eliminate them?

Nightmares are one of the most common sleep problems. They have been the cause of countless sleepless nights. Here, we will help you understand where your nightmares originate and how you can end them permanently by overcoming the source of the problem.

Nightmares come from two sources, one is from the individual’s own actions during day life. Committing acts which wrong the self or others are bound to the individual as they move into the dream state, and create nightmares. Occasionally an individual may experience nightmares that originate from previous lives, because the wrongs
committed during those lives are still bound to the individual.

The only way to eliminate these nightmares is to completely change focus from the worldly life to the divine life. As the individual progresses on the divine path, nightmares become a thing of the past. Only by striking at the root of the problem can it be solved on a permanent basis.

The other source of nightmares is damage done to the individual by another’s actions. Serious trauma or abuse can cause intense nightmares. Our dream interpretations will help you to heal spiritually and find relief from these kinds of nightmares.

What else does this site offer?

This site is also designed to help you with dreams pertaining to your love life. Your dreams could hold the answer to whether your partner is trustworthy, whether their love for you is true, and whether you would lead a harmonious and satisfying life together if you marry. Your dreams have the answers, if you only learn to understand what they are telling you.

Your dreams also have important information about your health. Dreams may hint at diseases in your future or about ways you may eliminate disease in its initial stages, before it can get a hold on you. Listening to your dreams can give you the correct information to improve your overall health.

Understanding your dream language is vital, and such important information should be available to every person. This is why we charge much less than most dream interpretation sites. Enrolling with us is an affordable way to begin a new life connected to your subconscious through the messages of dreams, and becoming filled with a new energy.

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