How to Palm Read [2020 Guide]

If you have ever looked at your hands and wondered how palm readers and fortune tellers seem to predict our futures, this is the palm reading guide that will help solve some of the mystery for you. Palm reading, also called palmistry or chiromancy, is the ancient art of foretelling the course of one’s life through the lines of the palms. Across the world, many people have been practicing this rather intriguing art. Let us take a closer look at how this works and how the lines of our palms seem to guide our future.

There are basically four lines on our palm and the first one we will look at is the life line. This is the line that stretches from the outermost part of the palm in between the index finger and the thumb extending downward towards the wrist. According to palm reading guide, this is the line that tells us how long and healthily we will live. Just above the life line is the head line. This is the middle line that we usually see. It also starts in between the thumb and index finger extending horizontally across the palm. It depicts intelligence, beliefs, attitude, philosophy and outlook in life.

The third line, the topmost one which is above the head line, is the heart line. It usually starts under the index or middle finger and extends across the edge of the palm below the little finger. This line depicts how much we value love in our lives. A deep and curved line depicts warm and contented love. On the other hand, the line that is perpendicular to all the three lines is called the fate line. This is the one that cuts across the middle vertically. According to palm reading guide, having a joint life and fate lines mean’s that you are destiny’s child, or that you are self-made. Broken fate lines would mean that there are many circumstances that will affect your life.

All the four lines are crucial in palm reading guide. However, there are also minor lines on our palms that indicate the positive and negative forces in our lives. These are called the opposition, intuition, influence and escape lines. There are many intricacies to reading palms but all these can be learned if you have a good mentor to teach you the craft.

Palmistry is an ancient art that has been passed from one generation to the next. Many believe that it can be passed in certain circles only, that if we don’t belong to a specific family we won’t have the talent and skill of reading palms. There are many books that you can look up as palm reading guide. However, do not forget that we still hold our own fates. We make our own decisions and carve our own niche today to prepare for our futures. Palm lines, horoscopes and stars can all present us an alternative way of looking at life. But never forget that your future is in your hands and that we control what happens to us.

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